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  • Version 5.1.0 +

    User-Defined Shapes*

    Gives users the capability to create shapes for rastering, or setup a C-axis spiral that follows the user shape.

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A3

    DIFFSYS user shape screen 1 DIFFSYS user shape screen 2 DIFFSYS user shape screen 3

    *This option may only be in demo mode in your version, please contact your vendor

    Zernike Improvements

    New “3D Zernike Surface” option, which can be tilted. Zygo Zernike files can now be imported. The old “Zernike” option is now available under 2D.

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A3 for new option; A for old option

    DIFFSYS 3D Zernike screen
    B-Axis Slope Angle

    Can now be calculated from the slope along a meridian angle, or from fixed Outer and Inner angles. This helps eliminate oscillations that can result from calculating the B-axis slope from the surface slope.

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A3

    DIFFSYS b slope screen
    Spiral with Linearly Variable Angle

    A new type of spiral that has been added.

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A3

    DIFFSYS new spiral screen
    Export Step File

    In conjuntion with the Rhino CAD software.

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A3 and RH; Rhino CAD

    DIFFSYS 5.1.0 also includes the following new features:
    • Importing Zemax ZMX files: Now imports the SZERNSAG surface type.
    • 2D machining time: Calculation of 2D machining time, dependent on feedrate.
    • Surface finish information: Calculation of diamond tool groove depth.
    • Nearest point with mouse: Moving the mouse in the Toolpath graphics will now show the nearest point for Arc-increment spirals and concentric circles.
    • Toolpath contours are now available for arc-increment spirals and concentric circles.
    • Contours now available for Hemisphere surfaces.
    • Languages page: The QuickSwitch option can switch between two languages, rather than cycle through all languages.
    • DCOF files: The number of decimal places for asphere terms has been increased.

    pdf download icon Download the DIFFSYS news #6 PDF

  • Version 5.0.0 +

    DIFFSYS 5.0 is a step change in functionality

    DIFFSYS now has full CAM system capabilities for generating complete part programs for ultra-precision machine tools. The new functionality is an integral part of all DIFFSYS options. Users can choose to use the CAM functions or continue to use DIFFSYS as they have in the past.

    In addition, v.5.0 is going multi-lingual. We’ve added support on the training and main programming screens for German, French, Spanish, Italian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

    CAM 2D, Part Programming Aid (XZ turning)

    Gives users the capability to create complete job files including header, footer, and multi-pass options with a simple to use graphical user interface. CAM 2D is a perfect training tool for new adopters and also a valuable time saving tool for advanced users.

    Prerequisite: any DIFFSYS version.

    DIFFSYS CAM2D screen 1 DIFFSYS CAM2D screen 2

    Multi-language support of the main CAM 2D Basic screen English (top) and Simplified Chinese (bottom) shown

    CAM 3D (XZC turning)

    An integral function of DIFFSYS. The optional packages of DIFFSYS incude multi-pass, multi-tool support for creating full programs for all the part types listed below.

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A3, MC, DS, and/or LU depending on part type.

    DIFFSYS 3D polynomial example
    Multi-Tool Library

    Create 2D and 3D part programs using up to three tools. Acommodates different configurations for roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing tools.

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A for 2D; DIFFSYS A3, MC, DS, and/or LU depending on part type for 3D.

    DIFFSYS Tool Library
    DIFFSYS 5.0.0 also includes the following new features:
    • Improved accuracy with all equation coefficients up to 14 decimal places
    • Enhanced manuals
    • Enhanced help files
    • Numerous bug fixes

    pdf download icon Download the DIFFSYS news #5 PDF

  • Version 4.7.6 +

    DiamondCAM Basic (part programming aid)

    Gives users for the first time the capability to create complete job files including header, footer and multi-pass options with a simple to use graphical user interface.

    Prerequisite: all DIFFSYS versions, including 2D Basic

    DIFFSYS Part Programming Aid
    Diamond Rake Calculation Feature

    It has been significantly improved, accurately calculating the tool/work piece contact point while using negative rake and split radius diamond tools. This significantly improves the part quality of steep surface parts and diffactives.

    Prerequisite: all DIFFSYS versions, including 2D Basic

    DIFFSYS Tool Rake Calculations
    RH (Rhino) Option

    This option will automatically generate 3D point clouds directly from CAD files (IGES, STEP, etc.) and import them into DIFFSYS. Includes a copy of Rhino 5 for Miscrosoft Windows®.

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A3 + MC3

    DIFFSYS Rhino import screen
    D-Shape (D-Pocket) Option for Mobile Phone Lens Molds

    This option enables the corners where the D-region starts and ends to now be rounded to give a smoother tool path.

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A3

    DIFFSYS D-Shape
    2D Measurement Corrections Now Unlimited

    DIFFSYS had until now been limited to 4 measurement corrections. It is now unlimited, whereby old measurements are added to an archive file.

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A + MC2

    New Capability to Directly Import the Most Critical ZEMAX Files


    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A

    Additional Tool Crash Prevention

    If the diamond front clearance is close to hitting the surface, this will appear pink in the contours. This option is off by default (because it's slower) - switch it on in the Toolpath -> Graphics -> Contours Page.

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A3

    DIFFSYS 4.7.6 also includes the following new features:
    • Contours display: New features added to the contour display
    • Steady XY faster calculation
    • Extrapolation: New options to shift the extrapolation boundaries and add round corners
    • Polynomial normalization
    • Mouse panning & zooming: You can move the entire image by pressing SHIFT+Left Mouse Button

    pdf download icon Download the DIFFSYS news #4 PDF

  • Version 4.7.4 +

    Improved Part Quality with Negative and Split Radius Tools

    Significantly improve the part quality of your steep surface and diffractive parts. DIFFSYS v4.74 now uses the most advanced algorithms in the industry to accurately calculate the tool/work piece contact point when using negative and split radius diamond tools.

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A3 for Diffractives, A3+ SS for Steep Surfaces

    Diffractive step
    Contours Scaling

    Users can now set the scaling to focus on a particular range of values. "Slope Change" options are also improved.

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A

    DIFFSYS Slope Screen
    Enable more intuitive observations of the simulated tool path using the new dynamic rotation feature

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A

    Enhance your capability to manufacture advanced lenslet arrays with the new LU+ option
    • Lenslet Tilt – For spheres only - this moves the offset of the Lenslets
    • Lenslet Z – Allows you to have a different Z height for each Lenslet
    • Lenslet Radii – A different radii for each Lenslet
    • Lenslet XY Offsets – Different offsets for each Lenslet
    • Lenslets 3D – Different polynomials for each Lenslet

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS AZ3

    DIFFSYS LU+ example
    DIFFSYS 4.7.4 also includes the following new features:
    • "Jobfile Preview" button: Allows viewing of the job file before its created for the first 1,000 lines
    • The "Tool Calculations" page now has a new setting with an auto calculation option
    • "Hemisphere Feature" is now available as part of the SS option

    pdf download icon Download the DIFFSYS news #3 PDF