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Nanoform L 1000 ultra grind

Nanoform L 1000 ultra grind ultra precision lathe for diamond turning and grinding
  • Overview +

    This revolutionary, flood coolant compatible 2 to 5-axes ultra precision freeform machine is designed for diamond turning and deterministic freeform milling and grinding for the most challenging applications. Common applications: glass grinding for aspheric glass lenses, mold inserts for molding lenses for glass pressing.

    The Nanoform® 250 ultra grind comes standard with Precitech’s UPx CNC machine control that provides a user friendly interface with features designed specifically for increased throughput. It is fast and easy to use and boasts an unprecedented 16 picometer feedback resolution an and industry leading operating system with 0.01 nanometer programming resolution. Sealed natural granite base provides exceptional long term stability. The Nanoform® 250 ultra grind incorporates an FEA optimized dual frame for the ultimate in environmental isolation. The linear motors are driven by true linear amplifiers.

    Precitech designs and builds their own hydrostatic oil bearing sideways with optimized stiffness and damping characteristics, liquid cooled slides for thermal stability and our own motorized air bearing spindles that allow us to maintain close control over quality and delivery.

    Diamond turning (2 or 3-axes) Direct lathing of optics and optical molds including freeform non-axi-symmetrical designs

    Tool Normal diamond turning (3 or 4-axes) Utilizing a contouring B-axis for freeform shapes in challenging materials, such as silicon.

    Precision grinding and milling (2 or 3-axes) Utilizing a 15,000 rpm spindle in the 45° or 90° orientation for cross-axis grinding for the direct machining of precision glass optics.

    Freeform grinding and milling (3 or 4-axes) Utilizing a 50,000 rpm spindle and a rotary B-axis for parallel grinding or 45° grinding for optical mold inserts, such as tungsten carbide for glass pressing applications.

  • Key Features +

    Nanoform L 1000 ultra grind work envelope 1 Nanoform L 1000 ultra grind work envelope 2

    Enlarged fully sealed enclosure accommodates any grinding configuraiton - horizontal, vertical, 45° and the 1000 mm swing capacity. Its stainless steel construction protects the machine from flood coolants.

    Nanoform L 1000 ultra grind spindle compartment 1 Nanoform L 1000 ultra grind spindle compartment 2

    Spindle and slides raised directly from the granite base for improved stiffness and damping. Direct access between spindle and work envelope for optical tool setter.

    Nanoform L 1000 ultra grind air filtration system Nanoform L 1000 ultra grind doors open

    Precision temperature control system and easily accessible front and side of enclosure.

  • Key Specifications +

    Slide Travel: 220 mm
    Max Feedrate: 4,000 mm/min
    Swing Capacity: 440mm / 220 mm over optional B-axis
    Spindle Speed: SP-150 = 7,000 rpm
    Grind Spindle Speed: Either 15,000 rpm or 50,000rpm
  • Technical Specifications +

    Machine Base and Control


    Machine Base

    Natural, high-stability, sealed granite, with flood coolant stainless steel enclosure

    Machine Type

    Ultra precision, two, three, four or five axes CNC contouring machine

    Vibration Isolation

    FEA optimized dual sub-frames for the ultimate in environmental isolation

    Control System

    UPx™ Control System with optional Adaptive Control Technology

    Operating System

    QNX real time operating system

    Programming Resolution

    0.01 nanometer linear/0.0000001° Rotary

    File Transfer Storage

    USB, CD, Ethernet,On-board data storage backup

    Performance (SPDT)

    Surface Roughness (Ra) < 1.5 nm, Form Accuracy (P-V) < 0.15 micron

    Performance (Grinding)

    Surface Roughness (Ra) < 5 nm, Form Accuracy (P-V) < 0.15 micron Tungsten carbide

    Linear hydrostatic slideways



    Hydrostatic oil bearing slideways with symmetrical linear motor replacement


    Durabar cast iron


    X and Z: 220 mm (8.6 inch)

    Maximum Feedrate

    4,000 mm/minute (157 inch/minute)

    Drive system

    AC linear motor

    Motor location

    Located centrally and mounted vertically eliminating offset drive forces and minimizing thermal distortions

    Position feedback resolution

    16 picometers (0.016 nanometers)

    X-axis Straightness

    Horizontal: 0.2 micron (8 micro inch) full travel 0.05 micro/25 mm(2 micro inch)

    Z-axis Straightness

    Horizontal: 0.2 micron (8 micro inch) full travel 0.05 micro/25 mm(2 micro inch)

    Vertical Straightness

    0.375 micron (15 micro inch) full travel

    Workholding/Positioning Spindle

    High Performance SP150 Spindle


    Slot-type thrust bearing


    Steel shaft/Bronze journal

    Standard Swing Capacity

    250 mm (9.8 inch) diameter


    Integral brushless motor

    Ultimate Load Capacity

    114 Kg (250 pounds) 50 mm (2 inch) out from spindle nose

    Axial Stiffness

    230 N/micron (1,314,000 pounds/inch)

    Radial Stiffness

    130 N/micron ( 743,600 pounds/inch)

    Motion Accuracy

    Axial/Radial 15 nm (0.6 micro inch)

    Thermal Control Option

    Liquid cooled chiller 0.1º C Accuracy

    C-axis Feedback Resolution

    0.010 arc-sec

    C-axis Postion Accuracy

    1 arc-sec

    C-axis Max Speed

    1,500 RPM

    Work Holding Spindle Max Speed

    7,000 RPM

    Rotary B-axis

    HydroRound Rotary B-axis


    Bi conical, self compensated, Oil hydrostatic bearing, DC brushless direct drive motor


    Stainless steel

    Tabletop Size

    330mm (13 inch)

    Standard Swing Capacity

    220 mn (8.75 inch) diameter over tabletop/440 mm otherwise

    Load Capacity

    225 Kg (500 pounds)

    Maximum Speed

    10 RPM continuous/50 RPM intermittent

    Motor Torque

    36 inch-pounds/4.0 N-m

    Position Feedback Resolution

    0.004 arch-sec

    Positoning Accuracy

    1 arc-sec

    Radial Error Motion

    0.10 µm (4 micro inch) @ 1 in. above table and can be improved with optional error mapping

    Coning Error

    1.0 nm/mm (1.0 micro inch/inch)

    Radial Stiffness

    225 N/micron (1,280,000 pounds/inch)

    Axial Stiffness

    600 N/micron (3,428,000 pounds/inch)

    Moment Stiffness

    3.4 N-m/micro radian (30 inch-pounds/micro radian) (144 inch-pounds/arc-sec)

    High Speed Milling/Grinding Spindle

    High Speed SP75FF Spindle

    High Speed PI 1so 2.25 Spindle

    Air Supply Pressure

    690 KPA (100 PSI)

    690 KPS (100 PSI)

    Air Consumption

    2.8 l/s (6.0 SCFM)

    0.9 l/s (2.0 SCFM)

    Radial Load Capacty

    20.5 KG (45 lbs)

    10 KG (20 lbs)

    Axial Stiffness

    70 N/micron (400,000 pounds/inch)

    69 N/micron (392,000 pounds/inch)

    Radial Stiffness

    22 N/micron (125,000 pounds/inch)

    23 N/micron (130,000 pounds/inch)

    Axial Error Motion

    < 0.05 micron (2 micro inch)

    < 0.05 micron (2 micro inch)

    Radial Error Motion

    < 0.05 micron (2 micro inch)

    < 0.05 micron (2 micro inch)

    Maximum Speed

    15,000 RPM

    50,000 RPM

    Facility Requirements

    Nanoform 250 ultra grind


    208 10% or 230 10% VAC-3.0 KVA 1 phase- 5-/60 Hz

    Air Supply

    Typical: 12 SCFM 2 100 PSIG

    Machine Footprint

    914 mm x 2120 mm x 1700 mm (36 inch x 83.5 inch x 67 inch)

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